( School Paper Reflection on the movie : by Dalefaith Grace Fancubit )

It was exciting for my part and even for many of my classmates to see this movie. I’ve heard this story not only once since I grew up in a Christian family (my dad is a pastor and my mom works full time in the church too). I’ve heard this story with my Sunday school teachers, went to a Christian school and even witnessed some of my friends do a drama skit about it. But it’s different when you will see it as a movie especially that I knew the actor who portrayed the character of Noah in this movie.

But as we watched the movie, there are things that I noticed that are not based on the Bible. Events and facts were twisted and the truth hidden. It really burdened and disturbed me personally that the story I’ve known about God and Noah since childhood was not the story I’ve seen in this movie. Here are at least 12 reasons why the movie about “Noah” was a BIG LIE: (I searched the internet for these…)

  1. In the film, Noah was robbed of his birthright by Tubal-Cain. The serpent’s body (i.e., Satan), which was shed in Eden, was their “birthright reminder.” It also doubled with magical power that they would wrap around their arm. So weird!
  2. Noah’s family only consists of his wife, three sons, and one daughter-in-law, contrary to the Bible.
  3. It appears as if every species was crammed in the Ark instead of just the kinds of animals, thus mocking the Ark account the same way secularists do today.
  4. “Rocks” (that seem to be fallen angels) build the Ark with Noah!
  5. Methuselah (Noah’s grandfather) is a type of witch-doctor, whose mental health is questionable. – I never read this nor heard from our Sunday school lessons!
  6. Tubal-Cain defeats the Rocks who were protecting the finished Ark.
  7. A wounded Tubal-Cain axes his way inside the Ark in only about ten minutes and then hides inside. Tubal-Cain then convinces the middle son to lure Noah to the bottom of the Ark in order to murder him (because he was not allowed a wife in the Ark). Tubal-Cain stays alive by eating hibernating lizards. The middle son of Noah has a change of heart and helps kill Tubal-Cain instead.
  8. Noah becomes almost crazy as he believes the only purpose to his family’s existence was to help build the Ark for the “innocent” animals (this is a worship of creation).
  9. Noah repeatedly tells his family that they were the last generation and were never to procreate. So when his daughter-in-law becomes pregnant, he vows to murder his own grandchild. But he finally has a change of heart.
  10. Noah does not have a relationship with God but rather with circumstances and has deadly visions of the Flood.
  11. The Ark lands on a cliff next to a beach. – In the Bible, the Ark landed on a mountain, which is Mt. Ararat!
  12. After the Flood Noah becomes so distant from his family that he lives in a cave, getting drunk by the beach.
What more can I say? I would like to encourage every young people like me to READ the Bible for it is not only an ordinary book, but it contains the very Word of God, the TRUTH and it will always guide us to a righteous living according to God’s will.

Happy Social Media Day

Today ,June 28 is SOCIAL MEDIA DAY! People all over the world are commerating this day in various ways. The CDO Bloggers of which I am a humble member celebrate this day with a gathering and a meeting in one of the newly open establishment in the city.

Can you imagine life with out social media?

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Blogger mobile app

I have just loaded the blogger app from my cellphone. This would be a great way to blog while killing time (waiting at the doctors clinic, airport lounge or anytime I have nothing to do...). The app scored well among users... So it must be friendly. Here is a sample image I uploaded from my cellphone.
[image_0]  .............. ooppsss when I viewed the post.No image will come out. What's the problem ?  I  guess I need more time to learn more about the app. Anyone who have tried bloggeroid for android?

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Want to play chess with me ?

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Back to being a child at Shangrila Mactan's kids world

We were at shangrila Mactan Three hours earlier than our check-in time, so my lovely and beautiful host ( Ms. Early Jen ) tour us around the ground floor. My first drop was the kids playing area. Upon seeing there were just a few kids playing at the slides, I jumped off the fence immediately. Hey! I was not wearing the prescribed long-sleeved shirt and socks. But who cares if to be scratched ? I just
wanted to bring the child in me! 

   photo 10013244_10153964978730414_682052595_n.jpg 
   photo 1969249_10153964965590414_520578739_n.jpg  photo 1660663_10153964967320414_698471460_n.jpg

So Excited for our Hong Kong and Macau vacation

It will really be a fun, fun, fun filled vacation for me and my hubby. We have saved for this escapade a year ago and it’s also it’s my birthday! Along with some close friends of ours, we decided to travel to Hong Kong and of course visit Macau! Our  two-day side trip to the “ Las Vegas of Asia”  would surely be very exciting! I already completed our itinerary  including a whole day of hotel  hopping.

Talking about casinos remind me of a  friend of ours told us of a tip where we can play  for free and get real cash. We don’t have to go to a real casino place but just play it online. We could get as much as $5-$500 Casino Bonus. Now that’s interesting but I still have second thoughts about it. He also told us that we could find a lot of no deposit casino bonus codes so we could start playing online casino.  And if these are all true and the no deposit bonus is also true, we might try this one

Our vacation two years ago at  Resort World  Malaysia in Genting was a memorable one.   We  got inside their casino but never tried playing even their free  slot machines for tourists. The place was  small and too crowded. I hope we can try some at  Venetian Hotel Casino and the newly opened Galaxy Hotel Casino. So we are counting days for our vacation and we are looking excited forward to it!

Here are some of the Hotels that we should visit :
The Famous Venetian Hotel
The New Galaxy Hotel
The Grand Lisboa Hotel

Happy 14th Birthday Dalefaith!

To our everdearest baby Dale Faith,

We always thank God for the gift of life He has given you and for being such a joy in our hearts. Si papang, mamang ang kuyakoy are so blessed with you langga. We love you so much. We always pray to God that you will grow up loving God more, loving your family, and being fully used by God through the ministry and calling that He prepared for you since the day you were born.


Weddings Bands for our Silver Anniversary

Funny though but photo shots from our friend of me and my dear wife in Dahilayan went viral. It was just stolen shots with a caption “Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary” and many of our friends greeted us. Even those we have not heard and seen for quite a long time already and even those we have not known. Six short years and it will be our Silver Wedding anniversary! Wow! How time flies fast. Our kids are grown up already. Right now, I’m thinking of looking for gold wedding bands our friends will be wearing for our Golden Wedding anniv
ersary! LOL!
Perhaps, you are thinking of the word “music”. Aren’t you? Or could it be a “movie”? Well, definitely, these are the words that come out first to your mind and possibly to most of the people’s mind when pertaining about soundtrack. Listening to this is the “in” thing not only at present but certainly even in the old times. In general, it speaks primarily to music that accompanies the story of films, TV shows and programs. To the world of the entertainment industry, an award for the “Best Soundtrack” is given to the deserving film or show. Similarly, in life there is also what you consider as the best soundtrack of your life. To the real world, it gives you an idea about the music of your life, which is none other than your story.

They say, music has a power. It can heal or hurt. There is a power of harmony between the chords and the notes used. There is a power from the playing of instruments such as guitar, Musicians friend cajon drum, violin, piano and some other popular musical instruments. There is a power of every word written in the lyrics of a song that may possibly make or break your day. Definitely, there is a power in music’s language, a message in which everyone can relate to. In one way or another there is always a positive or negative effect on your end. For those reasons, music has a power. For the children, their soundtrack maybe on jolly song craze that shows their young and bubbly spirit. Typically about fun from learning in school, exploring and playing around. For the teenagers, their soundtrack is the “gift for a teenage” soul. It depicts on the value of social relationships, friendship, and showing talents. Most of them engage in different musical bands. For the young adults, their soundtrack may depict on romantic relationships, experiencing laughter and tears; the feeling of being inspired and heartbroken. For the adults, their soundtrack may depict on successful careers.

They are having best moments with their kids. Most likely, they are experiencing the joy of parenthood. For the young at heart, their soundtrack could depict on looking back their lives and accomplishments. Whether you are a parent, a daughter, a son, a grandparent, or a friend surely there is that soundtrack that expresses the experiences you have undergone in life. One Atenean graduate shared a line from the song, one step at a time by jordin sparks, “We live and we learn to take one step at a time” shows how the soundtrack of her college life made her the kind of person she is right now all because her college life molded her to be independent, goal-oriented, and hardworking. Friend, how about you? What is the “soundtrack of your life”? Well then, your soundtrack, just like that of a song, is simply the details that you consider as remarkable moments in your life. Ever y life soundtrack you play creates powerful memories and influence not only to your end but also to the people around you.

Saturday Photo Hunt

 photo 35789_10150221391860414_2734496_n.jpg
This is my first entry to the SATURDAY PHOTO HUNT and I am not sure if I did this right. This week subject is FOCUS. Yes, I was having a hard time  what to FOCUS, my son or the remain of  the Tarsier.. si I ended up with a blurry image.

Taylor Swift Manila Concert Ticket Prices

 photo 122_zpsed91c2b7.png 

If  only   the venue of Taylor's Swift Red Tour concert is near, the whole family would surely watch the show. We all love Taylor because she writes her own songs, plays her own guitar and sings her own lyrics. Her youthful innocence combined with the ancient wisdom of simple human emotion makes her music likeable to people of all ages . With her first single released at the age of sixteen, a song about her high school boyfriend moving away to college and the inevitableheartbreaking was such as hit.

This young superstar is coming back to Manila for a one-night show of her Red Tour at the Mall of Asia Arena. Concert tickets would surely sell like hot cakes. Aside from the captivating voice of Taylor Swift, I am excited to see the electrifying sounds of the instruments like guitars, keybords,  drums . I am sure I would be able to see the randall amp  that is usually used during live performances.

Ticket Prices are as follows :

VIP – P19,600
Patron – P16,430
Lower Box A – P10,090
Lower Box B – P7,980
Upper Box – P5,870
Gen Ad – P2,110

Are you going to watch the show ?