How Christmas Carols Started?

The tradition of Christmas caroling has been around for a very long time. It is a tradition that many people love. A perfect way to spread the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money. Much have been said about the origin of Christmas carols.

Some say Christmas caroling was originally started by groups of drunken men and boys looking for a handout. They would go house-to-house singing songs in exchange for money or a drink.

In my younger years, I've heard how Christmas caroling originated and that it involves a small child named Carol Poles. Carol was missing during which time the serial killer Jack the Ripper was on the loose. The story has it that those who were searching for the girl would sing Christmas carols as they went house to house, knocking on each door. They did to ease the worried residents and to show that the search party meant no harm to them.

The most believable account of the Caroling is that the Methodists and Lutherans brought a modified version of this tradition to America.
I really do not know how Christmas caroling began but all I know it is a tradition that is still loved by many.These days Christmas Carolling becomes modern. Some would bring their instruments like guitar,keyboard , tambourines , harminica or
baritone sax reed to make the singing more lively and beautiful.

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Thoughts on Giving Gifts during Christmas..

Giving gifts at Christmas goes back to the gift of the wise men that gave gifts to Jesus when he was born. They were led by the holy spirit to follow the eastern star to Bethlehem to become witnesses of Jesus' birth. And when they saw him, they worshipped him ang give gifts for Him. Even though we have this scripture to support our gift giving at Christmas time, the gift giving tradition nowadays have gotten way out of hand. We tend to over extend ourselves because we want to make big impressions and make ourselves look good in their eyes. We probably all agree that buying gifts for our loved ones and friends have caused us a lot of financial grief.

So just what does the bible say about giving gifts? We are to give gifts to glorify God. Matthew 6:1-4
This scripture should be applied to our gift giving this Christmas, because we are to give from our hearts and not for show. We should be sure to teach our children the joy of giving and not always receiving. And we shouldn't give just to receive something back in return, because God will reward us with more blessings than we can count, on earth and in heaven.

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Understanding the true meaning of Christmas!

What comes into your mind when the word Christmas is mentioned? Christmas tree, Santa Claus, candy canes , gifts, bonuses , parties , reunions are the things that usually come into a person's mind when the word Christmas is mentioned.

Christmas is a time when people seepm to have all the reasons in the world to give to the underprivileged and to visit the charity homes ( This is an annual event of our high school batch) . This is a time of endless gatherings from friends, relatives and organizations. The perfect time to brag about the latest gadgets bought, the designer clothes , jewelry or even the next year's model of cars.

But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Start by pondering how Christmas came into existence. It started when one night when an infant was born on a manger inside a barn in Bethlehem since there was no available inn for them to stay due to the massive number of people who went to the city for the census . The name of the boy is JESUS. The name itself means the messiah - the savior. He is the word and through him God made all things for him. That includes you and me, the universe and everything that exists whether you see them or not.

But why would he come to earth as a baby when he was God all along and when in fact he existed before everything was created? Well, God made everything perfect and that includes the first man and woman. But when they sinned they were separated from God. Nothing awaits the human race except destruction, death and hell. Sickness, disasters and wars came into being. But God decided to solve this. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have an everlasting life." John 3:16. God gave His begotten Son for us.

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Is watching TV good or bad for kids?

Today television has become a very important part of our daily lives, but particularly so in the lives of our children. These days greater majority of families, in many parts of the world, have (or have access to) this magical screen.

Television is a very powerful and effective modern phenomena which can influence the shaping of the future for many generations of children. They imitate the action, the spoken word and the personality they may happen to be watching. Its influence cannot be underestimated, regardless of the circumstances which the child may happen to be in. This influence can be categorised as either 'good' or 'bad' for the future development of these children.

This where Parents and guardians role comes in. They have a major role to play in deciding what channel or program their child can watch, for how long and what part of the day. All these factors are important in deciding the shape of a child's future within any environment. So to all the parents out there... beware and be aware!

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What Kind Of Photo Editor Should You Have In Your System For Necessary Work?

That’s an easy question, with a lengthy list of options to choose from; if you don’t already know about Movavi and what they make. It’s a software developing studio that makes various kinds of practical pieces that are used by the professionals and amateurs alike. If you are looking for an appropriate photo editor, where you can do everything that you need without encountering complexities; then this is what you must pick.

Why a good digital image editor is required?
The primary reason for the requirement of a good digital photo editor would be to get high-class quality images within short time. Though, the professional image editors can work with any software that is meant for the job. However, novice editors need something that is comparatively more convenient to expatiate, the work at hand and not further complicate the assignment. Hence, there are few requisites that any digital image editor must have, for the convenience of the novice editors as well as the practicing ones.

  • ·  Easy interface 
  •   Comprehensive tutorials on how to use the software properly 
  •    Fast and immediate results
  •  Addition of upgrades could be allowed

What does Movavi software offer in photo editing?
It allows removing any and all the unwanted elements from the photos in just one click. This simple facility is not available in most of the software from other developers. They require a lengthy process for this removal of unwanted elements, which is a simple process in the Movavi software. This means all the power lines, random people and shadows that come in the frame; could be cleaned out conveniently without spoiling the original shot. Trying this convenient feature has made it superior to the other complex professional-level image editing software, which many photographers admit. Furthermore, there is no hint or tiny sign of any manipulation visible to the images produced after the editing from this software.
It has an essential image editing option, which is known as MagicEnhance. It automatically checks and reconfigures the contrast, white-balance and brightness of the photo. Then it could flip, rotate and crop it to make sure that the best composition as well as framing is done before the picture is finally saved. The resizing of the picture is also done promptly, so they could be shared online immediately and they should not take much space of the system’s hard-disk.

What are the requirements for it to be installed in a system run by Windows?
  • ·         8, 7, Vista, XP with the recent service or patches pack installed in the system
  • ·         Compatible processors of AMD or 1 GHz Intel
  • ·         32-bit colour 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • ·         RAM for Windows XP be 256 MB, Windows Vista 512 MB, Windows 7 1 GB and Windows 8  also 1 GB.
  • ·         A free space of at least 150 MB is necessary on the hard-disk as well as 1 GB of essential space for all the ongoing operations.
With this software, picture editing would be a walk in the park for any novice.

Should parents should be friends with their kids?

When a parent is more concerned in being a "friend" to their children there there is a big poasibilty for problems to creep in.

I have seen a lot of friends and relatives whom no longer parents but act as friends. Their children have no sense of responsibility or morals thinking the world owes them and they do everything they can to get by the "easy" way which is not always the "legal" way. If you do your parenting job the right way the friendship will be there when they are grown and on their own doing things the right way.

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From Vinyl record albums to MP3

CDs and DVDs are quickly becoming a thing of the past because nowadays almost everyone owns some kind of MP3 player . Music is on a constant change. From the vinyl record albums on a turntable, to the cassette tape recorder , CDs to DVDs. With the advancing technology, people are constantly looking for the best online music stores to purchase or listen to their favorite songs. There are many online stores available for downloading music for free , but there are a few that stand out from the rest for selection and service. Like the one my son subscribed for more than a year now. He can choose from over thousand of songs and download it for free. I am amazed about my son’s ability to find free music and video downloading sites. One time, I told him to find an online store that sells branded microphone and blue tooth speaker . After an hour of searching he was able to give me the website. Not only that I got free shipping and I was able to get the gadgets at a very affordable price. How amazing kids are these days!

7 Key Indicators Of Bullying At School

As parents we  realize that bullying at school is on the rise.  One in four children attending school are either bully victims, are engaged in bullying themselves, or are both! The chances are very high that your children may be facing an incident of bullying at some point  of their time spent in school.

As a parent do you even know what signs or symptoms to look for when dealing with bullying at school or how to support a victim of school bullying?  

1. Child is afraid to go to school.
 2. Child often feels ill on school mornings.
 3. Child is skipping school or classes.
 4. Grades in school suddenly dropping.
 5. Trouble sleeping or nightmares.
 6. Becoming a "loner" and avoiding social activities.
 7. Talking openly about suicide or attempting it.

Above are just indicators and guidelines. As caring parents, who know our children, we always must be on the alert for unnatural behaviors in our children that would give us clues that something is seriously wrong.

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Have you seen a Melodica ?

Send for our free catalog. This is somewhat unique for an online store to offer free catalogues when In fact anyone can just browse the internet and choose any item you want. Maybe , it is just one of their marketing strategy to distribute printed catalogues. Anyway, I am excited to receive their offer considering that my mom is looking for a melodica. I am not really familiar with this kind of musical instrument so google answered it for me. Also called a "blow-organ", a melodica is an instrument with a free-reed system, similar in use to a harmonica and an accordion. With a musical keyboard on top, a melodica is played by blowing through the mouthpiece found on the one side of the instrument. A key opens the hole to allow air to flow through the reed. Have you seen a melodica?

Macau and Hongkong for only P1

Air Asia , the cheapest airline in Asia is bringing again the One Peso sale for 2 person. Yes!that's buy 1 take 1.. I tried booking a flight for Two to Macau and I was surprised to find out that its only P4600+. Want to book?l can help you fly to famous destination in Asia.

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Travelling for Thanksgiving?

While most people stay home for Thanksgiving there are those who travel in this important holiday of the year. Some travel back to their hometowns to celebrate with family and friends while some people just like to spend Thanksgiving away from home like sampling Thanksgiving feasts and traditions in other parts of the country.

Where might you like to travel this Thanksgiving?

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Why you should involve your children to sports

Games and sports are an opportunity for children to mingle with other kids and at the same time get some exercise. Children should not be deprived of outdoor play and should instead be encouraged to participate. Games and sports provide a more fulfilled childhood especially for those whose passion lies in sports. A child should be encouraged to pursue a game or sport that he or she loves in order to develop their self-confidence.

Are your children showing interest in sports? Encourage them!

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