Baritone horn and compensating euphonium

A friend of mine watched an old video of their tour to British country last June of 2013. The video was done as they were watching a military band parade. As I watched as the men passed my eyes was caught by what I thought was a Baritone Horn. But my friends husband quickly corrected me and explained to me what this peculiar instrument was. That’s when I knew that this was a Euphonium, or compensating euphonium . Its only difference with the Baritone Horn is that its length of horn when compared to the Euphonium. But nonetheless I was so caught by their experience and couldn’t wait what I myself could also experience for my future tour to Europe.

5 Things To Consider When Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a tough battle, whether you want to lose 5kg or 30kg. The hardest part is, despite your hard work and strict adherence to routine, results often take months to show, which can make you feel disheartened and lacking motivation. So to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals and avoid straying from your journey, here are five tips to help you stay focused on your mission.

Exercise Daily

When trying to lose weight, it is crucial to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Whether it is a high intensity cardio workout, weight training or a yoga class, ensure you are active once a day to help you reach your weight loss goals. If you’re struggling to find time to exercise, consider a 30-minute power walk in the morning or on your lunch break. There’s always time; you just need to prioritise it.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals in advance is the easiest way to stick to your new diet and healthy eating schedule. Pack your lunch the night before so there’s no reason to buy food when your day gets busy. It’s also a good idea to plan your dinners in advance so you have all of the ingredients on hand when you get home at night.

Meal Portions

While we are on the topic of food and meal planning, watch your portion sizes at every meal. You’ll want to keep them small and eat a number of times throughout the day for the best results. To monitor your portion sizes, consider weighing your meat and vegetables at each sitting, or eat off a small side plate rather than a standard dinner plate to stop you from overfilling when your eyes become bigger than your belly.

Consider Cosmetic Surgery

If you are struggling to start losing weight or your body needs its final touch, perhaps you could consider cosmetic surgery to give you a head start. Cosmetic specialists, such as Cosmetic Surgery For Women , have a number of procedures that can help you achieve your weight loss goals and put the finishing touches on your new body. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat to give you a slimmer abdomen, while liposuction helps to improve and alter various areas of the body by smoothing bulges. Before going ahead with a cosmetic procedure to alter your body, seek professional and medical advice.

Practice Wellness

The weightloss journey is full of ups and downs, so it is important to practice wellness while you are losing weight. You need to be in the right frame of mind to constantly feel motivated to exercise and stick to your meal plan. Practice wellness by meditating, doing a yoga class, walking along the beach or taking ‘me’ time at every opportunity. You’ll find that health and wellness go hand and hand and it will help you see results and achieve your weightloss goals.
If you have any tips to help people who are on a weight loss journey, we’d love to hear them in the comments below

An afternoon filed with music and food

During the Acoustic afternoon of our youth church, mixed talents of singing and dancing were presented. Most of the young people who volunteered to perform did so with great enthusiasm and skill. The afternoon was filled with laughter, fellowship, bonding and an exhortation from the Word of God. It was a refreshing event as they encouraged a variety of talents to be presented. One young lady requested to sing a song using the piano instead of the acoustic guitar. Our pianist knew that in order to give the best accompaniment of that song, he would need an echo pedal for the keyboards. And yes indeed, that song number was very touching as the young lady sang it to the crowd. The event was a great success and we are looking forward to more of it in the future.

What are the Benefits of Breast Pumps?

Breast pumps help mothers to feed their babies natural breast milk. When women choose high-quality breast pumps, they are able to express their own breast milk and then put it into baby bottles. This can be very convenient, as it’s not always possible to feed a baby directly from the breasts.

For example, if mom needs to go to work, run errands or just enjoy a little downtime, a babysitter or other caregiver, such as Dad, can take over and give the baby a bottle of breast milk! In addition, breast milk may be expressed and frozen and then utilized as needed. Without a breast pump, moms are basically left without many choices.

You deserve choices, convenience and freedom. When you select a breast pump of high quality, you’ll find that you have lots of choices. In addition, a good design of this type won’t hurt your breasts. It will express milk without causing any discomfort at all. Beware of very cheap models or poorly-rated breast pump designs – these may trigger some discomfort.

You should be able to find an array of quality breast pumps online. Look for those which earn tons of positive reviews, rather than just a few. You’ll want products which are world-renowned. When you find a great breast pump with an amazing reputation, you’ll be ready to enjoy total ease and convenience and you’ll love knowing that your baby will be well-fed, any time of the day or night, whether you are there or not.

So, breast pumps help moms to care for their babies. Since breast milk is just so healthy, it provides babies with vital antibodies and nutrients which are proven to boost their mental and physical development.

Breast pumps come in different styles. Electric styles are very popular as they take the pressure off of Moms by giving them the ability to plan ahead.

Where to Find Breast Pumps

You may find breast pumps in your own community, at better drugstores and a lot of chain stores and department stores. However, a lot of women do enjoy ordering breast pumps online, right from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. When you choose this option, you’ll find able to find a highly-rated design and then order it immediately. This is just so simple and another bonus is that breast pumps which are sold online are often much cheaper. 

Unwind at One of These Top Weekend Getaway Spots

Sometimes you just need to get away, unwind, regroup and relax. You know you need some time off, but can’t take a two week vacation. How about a weekend vacation? A quick getaway is more affordable than you think and may be just what you need. How about trying one of these great weekend trips?
Slow Down
Take a walk back in time in Charleston, North Carolina. Shades of “Gone With the Wind” are everywhere as you walk cobblestone gas lamp-lit streets and ride horse-drawn carriages. Antebellum architecture and museums that were once grand homes provide a historical glimpse of times past. Charleston is proud of its past, but it is also a modern city that boasts art galleries, shopping venues and first-class Southern cuisine. A winter vacation in Charleston is a real bargain. Temperatures range a tolerable 40 to 60 degrees and hotels offer marked offseason discounts. Summer is not a bad time to visit, though. The nearby beach towns of Isle of Palm and Sullivan’s Island offer plenty of incentives if you want to hang out on the beach. One of the best ways to experience real Southern charm is to stay at one of the area’s bed-and-breakfasts.
Austin, Texas, is a friendly place with lots of green space and a penchant for music. Austin is famous for its live music venues where stars like Janis Joplin and the Dixie Chicks made names for themselves early in their careers. Nearly every bar has some type of live music featuring an as yet undiscovered talent. Nightlife and music venues on 6th Street appeal to a variety of musical tastes and styles. Nature takes over during the day. Zilker Park has some of the city’s best attractions. Art lovers flock to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. The Zilker Botanical Gardens showcase beautifully colored flowers and plants. On a hot day, a dip in Barton Springs pool is a welcome respite. Admission to the park is free.
Unwind in the Rockies
Colorado Springs really is “America the Beautiful.” Magnificent mountains, the Great Plains and history embody the essence of Colorado Springs. Once a mining town, Colorado Springs is one of the best places in the United States to spend a weekend, particularly in late spring and early fall, when crowds are smaller and prices are lower. Pikes Peak is one of its most popular attractions. Peak access is open year-round, but check weather conditions before heading up the highway. Guided tours are available on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Garden of the Gods is another natural landmark not to be missed. The spectacular formations look different throughout the day and sunsets are stunning. Admission to the park is free and it is open year-round.
One of Colorado Springs most popular attractions is the United States Olympic Training Center. Olympic-sized pools and fencing, gymnastics and wrestling training facilities are open to the public at specified times. The Hall of Fame tour is informative and well worth your time.

Dressing up our toy poodle

Dalefaith and Chocoy
Me and the kids wanted to  dress up our toy poodle but considering the price of dog costumes ,  "chocoy" had only 1 pair of  jersey.  Now that school is over, I told the kids  to learn how to make dog costumes  Not only can it be cheaper to make a costume for our dog, but it allows  to use  my kids  imagination and creativity.

The biggest mall in our city  holds an annual  event  every Halloween  where dog costumes are worn and contests are held. It would  be exciting if  our toy poodle  would  receive the prize for having  the most original or most outrageous outfit among  other dog halloween costumes  .  Oh how we wanted to keep our dog up to date with the latest fashions. How about a Manny Pacquiao boxing outfit  ? A fitting way to support  our boxing hero on his fight against Floyd Mayweather. 

MUST WATCH : Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather Documentary ( Part 1)

Start shopping now for you and for your kids at

There are so many advantages to shopping online compared to the typical “brick and mortar” store.  It is available 24 hours a day and can be faster than browsing the aisles of a physical store  or  from jumping from one store to another looking for a product or service. Shopping online also has the advantage of quick comparison and the privacy of product selection without feeling embarrassment of going to a register with an item they would rather keep private. I love shopping online for my kids for the number one reason of not over spending.. LOL! Usually, if you bring your kids with you in  shopping malls, you will end up buying things  your  kids does not  need. 

Have you heard of iprice ? I love shopping items  from this site because they have a wide array of children's  items not only from the country you are located but to other countries in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Kids and Toys selection from Singapore

It is a one stop  online shop that is gaining popularity in  Asia region . A site    which aims to provide the widest selection of products across all categories, no matter whether you are looking for a party  dress, sports shoes, beauty  products, or travel discounts.  You can find the latest coupons, discount and voucher codes in your country through the site.

To know more about the site visit their facebook page HERE :

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A reaction to a letter sent to Fashion Pulis regarding Liceo de Cagayan Students cleaning their windows

Photo Credit from Fashion Pulis website

I was compelled  to  make this post  and express my view regarding the viral article   from Fashion Pulis which   has been circulated in different social media groups in the country. Being a  former LDCU PTA President, a Blogger and a Civil Engineer , I can not help but react to the letter sender .

Here's the letter from a certain Cris Dina :  

Dear FashionPulis,

Yesterday (March 13, 2015), I sent my daughters to school (Liceo de Cagayan University) and after making sure that they are inside their respective class rooms, I took a trip to the comfort room. When I was about to exit the comfort room, I noticed students shouting something from the outside. Right there and then, I stepped outside (the comfort room has an exit that leads to the back of the building) to check what was happening, and to my surprise, I saw students on the third floor cleaning their classroom. If you can see the photos, the students are standing on a very unsafe ledge. I think even construction workers need to wear harness for this kind of job. These students are young and naive and they do not realize how dangerous this can be. 

This school is rather prestigious here in Cagayan de Oro. I do not think the parents are aware that the lives of their children are in danger while they are in school. I am sure they all think that their children's teachers are taking good care of them.

My question to this school is why are the students allowed to even go outside? This photo was taken around nine in the morning when classes were ongoing, and again I ask, where are their teachers? We do not pay more than PhP 40,000 a year just to put the lives of our children in danger!

Yours truly,
Cris Dina

Here's my reaction letter to the letter sender :

Dear Mrs. or Mr. Cris Dina,

Greetings from your fellow Kagay-anon!

I am Marita Gracia Fancubit,  a former PTA President of Liceo de Cagayan University ( High School Department) and a member of CDO Bloggers.  I am  sending this open letter to you for you to consider some points which you might have missed :

u       1. If were truly concern  with the safety of the students cleaning the 3rd floor of the     windows of  their classrooms, why did’nt you went  directly to the school authorities and report the matter ?  Then all your question thrown out to Fashion Pulis could have been answered right then and there. Young people these days are adventurous , you never knew  that maybe….  they did it voluntarily.  

    2 I understand you were frightened upon seeing the students  but as a  Civil Engineer I believed that the canopy of the building was designed to be sturdy enough to hold people  ( it’s a solid concrete slab reinforced with steel bars). Looking at the picture  it’s about  1.20 meters or 4 feet wide. Nothing to worry about as long as  they don’t intend to push each other down .
   3.  I was once a PTA President, cleaning the room is a long time agreement between parents , teachers and the school administration. If I ere you Mr or Mrs. Cris Dina, 
     attend a PTA meeting and try to amend this arrangement.

  4. Why write a Fashion Blogger with a concealed identity to air your sentiment? I tried to  Google  your  name CRIS DINA or CHRISTOPHER DINA  all led to a famous artist  in Mexico. Oh I know how a blogger mind's work...


      For now these are the things I wish you will contemplate and  answer. 


Turning your tracks into a finished song

In my previous post, I published the School Hymn of Macasandig National High School in Cagayan de Oro City. I am proud to say that this Hymn was composed by a dear friend ( one of teacher of the the said school) and the music was done by my husband. I was not able to witness how my dear hubby put a beautiful and upbeat musical score of the Hymn but I was amazed that for a matter of two days he was able to do it. Upon hearing the School Hymn, I can't help but Thank God for the gift of song writing and musical scoring. 

I believed Turning your tracks into a finished song maybe the most rewarding part of the recording process but I guess it can also be the most difficult. I told my husband that if he was able to make a beautiful song out of the lyrics composed from my friend then I believe a home recording studio business would also be feasible for him. We have friends who are good in mixing tracks   and we have a ready market for this business. All we have to do is business partners so that we can buy now the necessary equipment’s . What do you think of this idea ?



School of Light built on a rock

We serve our God the Solid Rock

In service free for neighborhood

By wisdom and justice ruled


When tests defy our dearest school

We firmly stand in our devotion

To love and cherish knowledge

In truth, and faith and hope we pledge


Hail, O hail Dear Alma Mater

Macasandig National High School

Our  teachers we honor and cheer

And discipline we shall endear

Hail, O hail Dear Alma Mater

Macasandig National High School

With one heart we honor thee

Your truth in Christ sets us free!


Gymnast Champions in thy bossom rise

Sportsmanship and victory sets high

Our pink and gray banner inspires

In one accord we will survive

Lyrics Composed by:  Erwin E. Abad, English Teacher, MNHS
Musical Scorer : Giovanni E. Fancubit

My reflection on the Ball game Basketball

Basketball has become the Nation’s favorite team sport. Many Filipinos found it very interesting and challenging. It has become the trademark of the country aside form boxing due to its influence and its appeal to Filipinos. Every barangay even has its own basketball court. If it had not been sepak takraw, basketball would become the national sport of the country.

As a Filipino, I found basketball a very interesting. In fact, I am very glad that basketball is part of the education curriculum.  I was expecting to have fun the first time we had our class. I was looking forward to improve my skills at basketball when I attended the class. Before, I have a low self-esteem when playing basketball. It is not because of my ability to play it but because of my height. My height is not ideal for playing basketball. Due to that reason, I only play basketball occasionally.

But, fortunately, I have the chance to prove myself wrong through attending the basketball class. In this class, I learned that playing basketball is not only about height, skills, etc.. but it is also about TEAM. Our instructor always emphasizes the importance of teamwork. That moment I realize that my disadvantages are covered through as long as we work a team. It is like a single twig, it will surely break when bended, but when a bundle of twigs are bended, it will not break.

Thanks to the basketball class, not only I improved my skills but also my esteem. Now, I am confident to join future basketball game and venture another stage in learning more about basketball. I will surely miss this class since next year, there will be no more PE. But gladly, this class has given me so much memory worthy of keeping!

by : Isaiah John Fancubit