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A reaction to a letter sent to Fashion Pulis regarding Liceo de Cagayan Students cleaning their windows

Photo Credit from Fashion Pulis website

I was compelled  to  make this post  and express my view regarding the viral article   from Fashion Pulis which   has been circulated in different social media groups in the country. Being a  former LDCU PTA President, a Blogger and a Civil Engineer , I can not help but react to the letter sender .

Here's the letter from a certain Cris Dina :  

Dear FashionPulis,

Yesterday (March 13, 2015), I sent my daughters to school (Liceo de Cagayan University) and after making sure that they are inside their respective class rooms, I took a trip to the comfort room. When I was about to exit the comfort room, I noticed students shouting something from the outside. Right there and then, I stepped outside (the comfort room has an exit that leads to the back of the building) to check what was happening, and to my surprise, I saw students on the third floor cleaning their classroom. If you can see the photos, the students are standing on a very unsafe ledge. I think even construction workers need to wear harness for this kind of job. These students are young and naive and they do not realize how dangerous this can be. 

This school is rather prestigious here in Cagayan de Oro. I do not think the parents are aware that the lives of their children are in danger while they are in school. I am sure they all think that their children's teachers are taking good care of them.

My question to this school is why are the students allowed to even go outside? This photo was taken around nine in the morning when classes were ongoing, and again I ask, where are their teachers? We do not pay more than PhP 40,000 a year just to put the lives of our children in danger!

Yours truly,
Cris Dina

Here's my reaction letter to the letter sender :

Dear Mrs. or Mr. Cris Dina,

Greetings from your fellow Kagay-anon!

I am Marita Gracia Fancubit,  a former PTA President of Liceo de Cagayan University ( High School Department) and a member of CDO Bloggers.  I am  sending this open letter to you for you to consider some points which you might have missed :

u       1. If were truly concern  with the safety of the students cleaning the 3rd floor of the     windows of  their classrooms, why did’nt you went  directly to the school authorities and report the matter ?  Then all your question thrown out to Fashion Pulis could have been answered right then and there. Young people these days are adventurous , you never knew  that maybe….  they did it voluntarily.  

    2 I understand you were frightened upon seeing the students  but as a  Civil Engineer I believed that the canopy of the building was designed to be sturdy enough to hold people  ( it’s a solid concrete slab reinforced with steel bars). Looking at the picture  it’s about  1.20 meters or 4 feet wide. Nothing to worry about as long as  they don’t intend to push each other down .
   3.  I was once a PTA President, cleaning the room is a long time agreement between parents , teachers and the school administration. If I ere you Mr or Mrs. Cris Dina, 
     attend a PTA meeting and try to amend this arrangement.

  4. Why write a Fashion Blogger with a concealed identity to air your sentiment? I tried to  Google  your  name CRIS DINA or CHRISTOPHER DINA  all led to a famous artist  in Mexico. Oh I know how a blogger mind's work...


      For now these are the things I wish you will contemplate and  answer. 


Turning your tracks into a finished song

In my previous post, I published the School Hymn of Macasandig National High School in Cagayan de Oro City. I am proud to say that this Hymn was composed by a dear friend ( one of teacher of the the said school) and the music was done by my husband. I was not able to witness how my dear hubby put a beautiful and upbeat musical score of the Hymn but I was amazed that for a matter of two days he was able to do it. Upon hearing the School Hymn, I can't help but Thank God for the gift of song writing and musical scoring. 

I believed Turning your tracks into a finished song maybe the most rewarding part of the recording process but I guess it can also be the most difficult. I told my husband that if he was able to make a beautiful song out of the lyrics composed from my friend then I believe a home recording studio business would also be feasible for him. We have friends who are good in mixing tracks   and we have a ready market for this business. All we have to do is business partners so that we can buy now the necessary equipment’s . What do you think of this idea ?



School of Light built on a rock

We serve our God the Solid Rock

In service free for neighborhood

By wisdom and justice ruled


When tests defy our dearest school

We firmly stand in our devotion

To love and cherish knowledge

In truth, and faith and hope we pledge


Hail, O hail Dear Alma Mater

Macasandig National High School

Our  teachers we honor and cheer

And discipline we shall endear

Hail, O hail Dear Alma Mater

Macasandig National High School

With one heart we honor thee

Your truth in Christ sets us free!


Gymnast Champions in thy bossom rise

Sportsmanship and victory sets high

Our pink and gray banner inspires

In one accord we will survive

Lyrics Composed by:  Erwin E. Abad, English Teacher, MNHS
Musical Scorer : Giovanni E. Fancubit

My reflection on the Ball game Basketball

Basketball has become the Nation’s favorite team sport. Many Filipinos found it very interesting and challenging. It has become the trademark of the country aside form boxing due to its influence and its appeal to Filipinos. Every barangay even has its own basketball court. If it had not been sepak takraw, basketball would become the national sport of the country.

As a Filipino, I found basketball a very interesting. In fact, I am very glad that basketball is part of the education curriculum.  I was expecting to have fun the first time we had our class. I was looking forward to improve my skills at basketball when I attended the class. Before, I have a low self-esteem when playing basketball. It is not because of my ability to play it but because of my height. My height is not ideal for playing basketball. Due to that reason, I only play basketball occasionally.

But, fortunately, I have the chance to prove myself wrong through attending the basketball class. In this class, I learned that playing basketball is not only about height, skills, etc.. but it is also about TEAM. Our instructor always emphasizes the importance of teamwork. That moment I realize that my disadvantages are covered through as long as we work a team. It is like a single twig, it will surely break when bended, but when a bundle of twigs are bended, it will not break.

Thanks to the basketball class, not only I improved my skills but also my esteem. Now, I am confident to join future basketball game and venture another stage in learning more about basketball. I will surely miss this class since next year, there will be no more PE. But gladly, this class has given me so much memory worthy of keeping!

by : Isaiah John Fancubit

Stop,look and listen

To learn from Jesus, you have to stop and look and listen. If you don’t, instead of running over with His truth, His love, and His joy, you’ll get run over by all the cares of this life. If you drive yourself too hard and too fast, sometimes you may never get there! You’ll get out of touch with Jesus . Like the little girl said about her new puppy.. “Oh Mama, the puppy gone to sleep and left its engine running,” indeed, you may be running around but still be asleep spiritually. You may be busy but not be getting anywhere, “as one who beats the air” (1 Corinthians 9:26).

You cannot do the Master’s work without the Master’s power, and to get it, you must spend time with the Master. Jesus said that only one thing is needful : to sit at His feet and learn of Him. Those who have chosen this good part, it shall never be taken away from them (Luke 10:39-42). If you’re too busy to get alone with Jesus and pray, you’re too busy!

The Fathers influence

A study by the British parenting research project Tomorrow’s Men found that fathers who spend a few minutes each day one on one with their sons greatly increase their sons’ chances of growing into confident adults.

Of the boys who said that their fathers spent time with them and took an active interest in their progress, more than 90 percent fell in the “can do” category, whereas 72 percent of the boys who said that their fathers rarely or never spent time with them fell into the group with the lowest levels of self-esteem and were also more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems.

More surprisingly, the study found little difference between the positive effects of good father/son relationships in two-parent homes and homes where the father was absent (as in divorce situations) but nevertheless took time with his son. Similar studies have found that in a father’s absence, another father figure such as a stepfather, uncle, grandfather, teacher, or mentor, by assuming an active role, can have an equally positive effect.

The influence

Whenever you hear of someone doing a great thing, you may be sure that behind it somewhere is a great background. It may be a mother’s training, a father’s example, a teacher’s influence, or an intense experience of his own, but it has to be there or else the great achievement does not come, no matter how favorable the opportunity.—Catherine Miles

A Meaningful Christmas Message

In this auspicious occasion, let us remember the reason why HE came.. It is not so that we can have parties during December.. But so that we, who were once SLAVES to SIN, will become HEIRS in HIS KINGDOM.

It's not about the food we prepare, not about the gifts we receive, it's not even about having our complete family with us.. But it's all about HIM - JESUS CHRIST.

Christmas is about the Son of God who became a Son of Man so that we, the Sons of Men, might become Sons of God.o

Before focusing on all the festivities the season may bring, make sure to spend time praying, giving praise and gratitude to the King.

Merry Christmas to you and your Family. :)

How Christmas Carols Started?

The tradition of Christmas caroling has been around for a very long time. It is a tradition that many people love. A perfect way to spread the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money. Much have been said about the origin of Christmas carols.

Some say Christmas caroling was originally started by groups of drunken men and boys looking for a handout. They would go house-to-house singing songs in exchange for money or a drink.

In my younger years, I've heard how Christmas caroling originated and that it involves a small child named Carol Poles. Carol was missing during which time the serial killer Jack the Ripper was on the loose. The story has it that those who were searching for the girl would sing Christmas carols as they went house to house, knocking on each door. They did to ease the worried residents and to show that the search party meant no harm to them.

The most believable account of the Caroling is that the Methodists and Lutherans brought a modified version of this tradition to America.
I really do not know how Christmas caroling began but all I know it is a tradition that is still loved by many.These days Christmas Carolling becomes modern. Some would bring their instruments like guitar,keyboard , tambourines , harminica or
baritone sax reed to make the singing more lively and beautiful.

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Thoughts on Giving Gifts during Christmas..

Giving gifts at Christmas goes back to the gift of the wise men that gave gifts to Jesus when he was born. They were led by the holy spirit to follow the eastern star to Bethlehem to become witnesses of Jesus' birth. And when they saw him, they worshipped him ang give gifts for Him. Even though we have this scripture to support our gift giving at Christmas time, the gift giving tradition nowadays have gotten way out of hand. We tend to over extend ourselves because we want to make big impressions and make ourselves look good in their eyes. We probably all agree that buying gifts for our loved ones and friends have caused us a lot of financial grief.

So just what does the bible say about giving gifts? We are to give gifts to glorify God. Matthew 6:1-4
This scripture should be applied to our gift giving this Christmas, because we are to give from our hearts and not for show. We should be sure to teach our children the joy of giving and not always receiving. And we shouldn't give just to receive something back in return, because God will reward us with more blessings than we can count, on earth and in heaven.

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Understanding the true meaning of Christmas!

What comes into your mind when the word Christmas is mentioned? Christmas tree, Santa Claus, candy canes , gifts, bonuses , parties , reunions are the things that usually come into a person's mind when the word Christmas is mentioned.

Christmas is a time when people seepm to have all the reasons in the world to give to the underprivileged and to visit the charity homes ( This is an annual event of our high school batch) . This is a time of endless gatherings from friends, relatives and organizations. The perfect time to brag about the latest gadgets bought, the designer clothes , jewelry or even the next year's model of cars.

But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Start by pondering how Christmas came into existence. It started when one night when an infant was born on a manger inside a barn in Bethlehem since there was no available inn for them to stay due to the massive number of people who went to the city for the census . The name of the boy is JESUS. The name itself means the messiah - the savior. He is the word and through him God made all things for him. That includes you and me, the universe and everything that exists whether you see them or not.

But why would he come to earth as a baby when he was God all along and when in fact he existed before everything was created? Well, God made everything perfect and that includes the first man and woman. But when they sinned they were separated from God. Nothing awaits the human race except destruction, death and hell. Sickness, disasters and wars came into being. But God decided to solve this. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have an everlasting life." John 3:16. God gave His begotten Son for us.

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