Happy 14th Birthday Dalefaith!

To our everdearest baby Dale Faith,

We always thank God for the gift of life He has given you and for being such a joy in our hearts. Si papang, mamang ang kuyakoy are so blessed with you langga. We love you so much. We always pray to God that you will grow up loving God more, loving your family, and being fully used by God through the ministry and calling that He prepared for you since the day you were born.


Weddings Bands for our Silver Anniversary

Funny though but photo shots from our friend of me and my dear wife in Dahilayan went viral. It was just stolen shots with a caption “Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary” and many of our friends greeted us. Even those we have not heard and seen for quite a long time already and even those we have not known. Six short years and it will be our Silver Wedding anniversary! Wow! How time flies fast. Our kids are grown up already. Right now, I’m thinking of looking for gold wedding bands our friends will be wearing for our Golden Wedding anniv
ersary! LOL!
Perhaps, you are thinking of the word “music”. Aren’t you? Or could it be a “movie”? Well, definitely, these are the words that come out first to your mind and possibly to most of the people’s mind when pertaining about soundtrack. Listening to this is the “in” thing not only at present but certainly even in the old times. In general, it speaks primarily to music that accompanies the story of films, TV shows and programs. To the world of the entertainment industry, an award for the “Best Soundtrack” is given to the deserving film or show. Similarly, in life there is also what you consider as the best soundtrack of your life. To the real world, it gives you an idea about the music of your life, which is none other than your story.

They say, music has a power. It can heal or hurt. There is a power of harmony between the chords and the notes used. There is a power from the playing of instruments such as guitar, Musicians friend cajon drum, violin, piano and some other popular musical instruments. There is a power of every word written in the lyrics of a song that may possibly make or break your day. Definitely, there is a power in music’s language, a message in which everyone can relate to. In one way or another there is always a positive or negative effect on your end. For those reasons, music has a power. For the children, their soundtrack maybe on jolly song craze that shows their young and bubbly spirit. Typically about fun from learning in school, exploring and playing around. For the teenagers, their soundtrack is the “gift for a teenage” soul. It depicts on the value of social relationships, friendship, and showing talents. Most of them engage in different musical bands. For the young adults, their soundtrack may depict on romantic relationships, experiencing laughter and tears; the feeling of being inspired and heartbroken. For the adults, their soundtrack may depict on successful careers.

They are having best moments with their kids. Most likely, they are experiencing the joy of parenthood. For the young at heart, their soundtrack could depict on looking back their lives and accomplishments. Whether you are a parent, a daughter, a son, a grandparent, or a friend surely there is that soundtrack that expresses the experiences you have undergone in life. One Atenean graduate shared a line from the song, one step at a time by jordin sparks, “We live and we learn to take one step at a time” shows how the soundtrack of her college life made her the kind of person she is right now all because her college life molded her to be independent, goal-oriented, and hardworking. Friend, how about you? What is the “soundtrack of your life”? Well then, your soundtrack, just like that of a song, is simply the details that you consider as remarkable moments in your life. Ever y life soundtrack you play creates powerful memories and influence not only to your end but also to the people around you.

Saturday Photo Hunt

 photo 35789_10150221391860414_2734496_n.jpg
This is my first entry to the SATURDAY PHOTO HUNT and I am not sure if I did this right. This week subject is FOCUS. Yes, I was having a hard time  what to FOCUS, my son or the remain of  the Tarsier.. si I ended up with a blurry image.

Taylor Swift Manila Concert Ticket Prices

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If  only   the venue of Taylor's Swift Red Tour concert is near, the whole family would surely watch the show. We all love Taylor because she writes her own songs, plays her own guitar and sings her own lyrics. Her youthful innocence combined with the ancient wisdom of simple human emotion makes her music likeable to people of all ages . With her first single released at the age of sixteen, a song about her high school boyfriend moving away to college and the inevitableheartbreaking was such as hit.

This young superstar is coming back to Manila for a one-night show of her Red Tour at the Mall of Asia Arena. Concert tickets would surely sell like hot cakes. Aside from the captivating voice of Taylor Swift, I am excited to see the electrifying sounds of the instruments like guitars, keybords,  drums . I am sure I would be able to see the randall amp  that is usually used during live performances.

Ticket Prices are as follows :

VIP – P19,600
Patron – P16,430
Lower Box A – P10,090
Lower Box B – P7,980
Upper Box – P5,870
Gen Ad – P2,110

Are you going to watch the show ?

My parent's marriage wedding/marriage insights

The following is my interview with my parents regarding their ideas of wedding and how they  got married. This is in compliance with our project in English.  I heard about their love story many times  while I was younger, but this time  it is more comprehensive . As my father  answered me   my question, I was the more inspired to follow their love story. No! I can not exactly  imitate it ... but can make it as a model in finding  the   right partner in life.  Here's what I got from the long interview...
 photo IMG_9176_zps160e8387.jpg
My mom and dad during a wedding which my  dad officiated
a. On choosing a partner
My mom and dad grew up in conservative families. Not that they were wearing white clothes and sporting long hair though. They told me that their parents give importance to spirituality and family values.  They grew up believing that in choosing a partner, God’s guidance must be implored and that advises from the old folks (lolos, lolas, uncles, unties) must also be respected. One thing that is also important my dad told me is the friendship factor. You can get to know a partner without any pretence in friendship. Important in any relationship is an open communication and people who wants to choose a partner for life should realize that they should have a common ground in many things in a relationship. My mom agreed on that. If a guy or a girl doesn’t have a common understanding on spirituality, goals in life, dreams and aspirations, likes and dislikes…how can they then work and partner together?

There should be a time of waiting my dad quipped. He always reminds the young people every time he conducts a seminar or symposium about love and courtship. “TRUE LOVE WAITS” is the motto he wants us to adopt. Wait for the right time and pray for the partner that God will give you someday. He also encouraged me and my sister to “WAIT FOR THE RING UNTIL YOU DO THE THING”. In choosing for a partner my mom reminded me that “If you want to end it right, start it right”. Set your priorities straight. God must be first in everything, and then your family, your studies, career, work and your self comes next. My dad and mom were friends for five years. They both enjoyed working together with the youth in our church. Their love story buddied after years of knowing each other as friends. This is the reason my dad always tell us to have a healthy circle of friends.

b. Terms of agreement and engagement…
Both my parents agreed that in order for their relationship to last, they should set up spiritual standard as its foundation. This may not be so popular today but my mom reiterated the importance of praying for your partner. The pull of lust is so tempting that in keeping their promise to stay pure until the day of their marriage both of them must observe self-control. And both of them agreed that they did not regret in doing this. They spent a lot of their time doing church works, engaging in healthy activities with their friends and church mates. Their engagement is quite short. Just three months after my dad proposed (at Blue Berry, now it’s Brew Berry near the D.V. Soria), the tied the knot in a church wedding on March 28, 1995. It was one of the most joyful moments of their lives they told me.

c. Marriage ceremony…
My dad and mom got married in a Christian wedding officiated by their church pastor and were attended by family, relatives, friends and neighbours. It was like a celebrating a fiesta my mom told me. Every one of their friends was so excited to be part of that event. My dad laughed when he told me that because he was so nervous, he almost forgot to buy a pair of socks that day. All in all, the wedding and the reception (reception was at the PhilTown Hotel and Restaurant) was attended by 270 guests, friends, family members, relatives and neighbours.

d. Residence after marriage…
Before their wedding date, my dad and mom already built a house of their own at Burgos Street, Cagayan de Oro City. After two years they transferred to Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City and lived there for 16 years. That’s where me and my sister grew up. Now, after the Sendong tragedy, they are happily living at Villa Ernesto Subdivision, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City.

Train Up A Child..

True Love Waits Concert and Symposium

Dale singing "Bubbly"

  Years ago, my children were just spectators to our church yearly event - the "TRUE LOVE WAITS CONCERT & SYMPOSIUM". Now part of the performers, my daughter as of the singers and my son as the acoustic and electric guitar player.

Most  of the performers in this year’s TLW are  teenagers. The veteran singers of our church give a  way for the young  people to  uncover  their God-given talents in singing, dancing and instruments playing. At first the show’s directress ( Ms. Keena Gaane ) was  somewhat struggling  in putting all her ideas together considering that most of them  were newbies    in terms of performing live with a big audience. Praise be to God the event ended with a blast!  Glory be to God for making everything beautiful. The singing, dancing and  instrument playing. There was no glitch in the technical aspect too!

Dale in TLW 2010 as spectator
Next year, my hubby who is spearheading “True love waits” will bring the event to a higher level. He is planning to make the event City-wide with the involvement of all Evangelical Churches in Cagayan de Oro City.   By then, more  young people will be able to watch the show and learn to heart the true essence of LOVE. The advocacy of TLW  is to  tell the young people that it always pays to wait. In the area of girl-boy  relationship, one should not jump into it without fully understanding the needed change one must undergo. The change in maturity, full understanding of one’s resp
onsibility towards another person and one’s understanding of the Love of God.

This year, we were limited with the musical we have on hand. Next year would be a bigger production complete with all the lights and instruments. A bigger instrument amplifiers like the 333 amps from musicians friend , high-tech mixers and wireless microphones  will surely be provided. 

Please join us in prayers for the next year’s “ True Love Waits”.

On being a Medical Technologist

Based on the…
-          Development in the field of medical technology is vast and is currently expanding. Based on the recent development of medical technology and by putting faith in our scientist, im sure that in the future, we can predict and be sure that there will be breakthroughs and new manipulations in the molecular and nucleic acid studies in the future.

What is the underlying…
-           The underlying philosophy if medical technology that has been established since time immemorial is to aid in diagnosis of diseases and to gradually develop and expand its limitation as a branch of medicine.

What is the inherent philosophy of medical tech…
-          The inherent philosophy of medical technology is to unceasingly desire for more knowledge and wisdom about the human body that is beyond what we see.

What specific….
-          The characteristic of being sensitive to the demands of time. It is undeniable that the world we live in is fast changing and acquiring new knowledge in science and technology. With some new technological innovations, we can decrease the time consumed in diagnosis and increase the productivity.

Within the context of professional practice….
-          ­I can measure the job satisfaction and job commitment based how happy and content a person feels towards his work. A satisfied person is productive and active in doing his job without any complaining whatsoever. I can also measure their commitment based on the patterns of his or her work, whether he or she did with honesty or not

As a medical...
-          As a medical technology student, I need to enhance my attention in detecting slight and subtle details and my analytical and critical thinking. This is perhaps the most important skills I need to practice to become a future medical technologist someday.

What personality…
-          I am patient in working , I easily learn to love my work and good in engaging in communicative interaction with others. With passion in my heart, I believe that I can be a good medical technologist aside from having all the skills and knowledge. One trait which I need to change is being forgetful, but I am doing my best to change it as soon as possible.

What particular…
-          The challenge I want to take positively is the challenge of the future. Through this, it can help me motivate myself more to learn new techniques and procedures through special trainings to keep myself updated to the demands of my profession.

What traditional…
-          The traditional roles that would best demonstrated by a medical technologist is analyzing and examining body fluids and tissue samples, examining cells and abnormal cells, and performs blood typing and cross match since these are the in demand skills of a medical technologist nowadays.

Family Valentines Day Celebration

Valentines day  is a day of LOVE . Valentine's Day is mostly associated with romantic evenings  for married couples and singles in a relationship but for family people, it can't be avoided that sometimes the kids are also added to the celebration. I believe Kids love Valentine's Day much as anyone else  that is why during our Valentine's day celebration, we brought along our kids.

 photo kids_zps7e28651c.jpg

Marshall Guitar and Amplifier Combo!

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Guitar is among the famous musical instruments today. It is fashionable instrument which musical bands used in playing rock, heavy metal, classical and many other musical styles. Electric guitar, Bass guitars and acoustic guitars are among the numerous types of guitars available in the market today. Each has its own unique sound qualities. Amplifier is used to enhance the sound of the guitar. 

There are several types of guitar , some include processors and some are just simple amplifiers. Marshall guitar amplifier is the most popular brand. Marshall guitar amplifiers are proven time and time again for their consistent sound and reliability. Started in 1962 by Jim Marshall in London, England, Marshall guitar amplifiers have been used by some of the biggest names in rock history So if you are shopping for guitar amplifier save on marshall jmp-1 at guitar center with a Guitar and amplifier combo.

It only takes 21 days to form a habit!

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Homework is a fact of life. If you have school-age children, you've probably found yourself helping to solve math problems or making English essays outline. As parents it is our duty to make sure our kids finish all their academic tasks and instruct them on how to do it themselves. Form a study habit within themselves. Remember it only takes Twenty One days to form a habit.