Reflection on Typhoon Sendong

The shocking calamity that hit my Cagayan de Oro city recently has claimed many lives and properties. The images that the typhoon left us were horrible. I’ve seen houses and vehicles , big and small, overturned by Typhoon Sendong. I’m just thankful to God that my family was spared from the awful experience although I can’t help but be sad to see our properties destroyed. 

I can not dare to explain in detail what transpired on that bleak dawn of December 17,2012 because it still breaks my heart. Last week with my family we went to our house . I can not help but Thank God for sparing our lives. The whole family slept over at our mom's house with the tragedy struck. The original plan was I and my mom will stay home while my hubby and my sister will sleep at my grandma’s house since she was not feeling well that day. I just don't know why suddenly my mom decided to go to Villa Ernesto Gusa . My mom called my dad who was at Divisoria that time to go back to Balulang and fetch us . It was already 10 pm when we went out from our subdivision. We never expect that 2 hours after a flash flood would hit our place and claimed 10 lives in the neighbourhood. We greatly thank God that our housemaid was able to escaped out from the rushing and rising water through the sunroof in my room. She almost gave up because the water was almost at the ceiling and it was pitch black. Then she cried to God for help and miraculously the light of her soaked cellphone came out. She saw the sunroof and effortlessly was able to open the roof. In split –second she was able to escape death. There are lots stories of survival I have heard and I realized it was God who saved those people.

All I can say is that the Kagay-anons never expected this to happen. Really, no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Our lives are in the hands of God. We can only do so much to secure ourselves, our property, and our future. With the damage that the typhoon has brought my city, and as we move towards rebuilding our homes. I realized that real treasures are stored in heaven and that we must be ready always to meet our creator.

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  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that preventative measures can be put in place soon. One thing that can be done which costs nothing is each individual take responsibility for their garbage and put it where it belongs instead of throwing it all over the streets, rivers, and everywhere else.

  2. It’s very sad. Lord hears for our prayer for these people who are victims, died and survives of this tragedy. Thank you for sharing ways to help those that are suffering due to the Typhoon.

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