He didn't enjoy their Junior-Senior Prom

I thought he would enjoy their Junior-Senior Prom, but my son called us up early last night and told us to fetch him as early as 9:30 p.m. Aside from not feeling well ( he has slight fever), he was kind of irritated with the disco lights and sounds. He added up that some of his classmates gone wild already and dancing without shoes on. He was uncomfortable also seeing some lovers ( mostly seniors ) kissing . When he told us about it, me and my hubby just laugh. We thank God, we were able to brought up IJ in a godly way.

Anyway, he's more excited with their coming Band Competition where they were able to pass three elimination rounds. The final contest will be three weeks from now and their group are preparing hard for their contest piece. My hubby promised the group M-Audio studio headphones if they will win.
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