Why Muve Music's Rates Appeal to Teenagers

Nearly everyone has heard of nightmare stories of mobile phone bills that shock subscribers. A few texts too many or a few music downloads too many, and it is easy to get in way over your head budget-wise. Most teens do not have tons of extra cash to throw around. Still, music is such an integral part of teen culture that it is worthy of investment. Cricket knows this, and it offers a package deal for its music-loving teenage consumers.

Muve Knows Consumers

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In addition to unlimited nationwide calling, nationwide text, video, and picture messaging, 3G mobile Web, and global text messaging, Muve Music offers unlimited full track downloads, ringback tones, and ringtones. It is all packaged together at a reasonable price.
This means that teens can create a budget without worry. The keyword in the deal is "unlimited." After paying a certain amount every month, teens can enjoy their phones and the phone perks without timing themselves. Songs will not freeze in the middle of a download because a user will never run out of allotted time. There are no hidden fees or surprise bills. After an inaugural year of Cricket's Muve Music rate plan, statistics show that consumers appreciate what the provider is doing. 

Muve Knows Music

How does Cricket do it? On first thought, one may consider that Muve Music downloads only include old music. However, this is not the case. It offers download choices from four major music companies such as EMI Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment. The music library consists of more than one million songs, and it is updated on a regular basis. Users are most likely to find new music releases on Tuesdays as the industry rolls them out. 
This means that consumers have several titles to choose from and can find music for any mood. If someone wants a happy song, it is only a download away. If a person wants something mellow, he or she can find some jazz. If sharing current hits is a passion, all users need to do is search and download, so they can listen to the latest hits. 
Becoming updated on all different music tracks is no problem since Muve Music automatically sorts songs. Feel free to download single titles or complete albums as you wish. A 4 GB storage card in Cricket's device holds up to 3,000 songs, so you need not worry about space.

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